Savannah + Nelson | Fort Monroe Bridal Session

Upon posting a Facebook ad for portfolio bridal sessions, Savannah was the very first to contact me! Her story of her wedding day was rather sad because the photographer she hired showed up, took pictures, but never delivered their gallery! So I was super excited to be able to take photos of them that I hope they will cherish for a lifetime!  

We agreed to do the session at Fort Monroe in Hampton, VA because it’s such a versatile location! Beach, trees, a chapel, old houses- you name it, Fort Monroe has it! Both Savannah and Nelson were very laid back and easy to get along with. Nelson was totally goofy and Savannah was holding back a lot of laughs! They literally did amazing with anything I threw at them! At one point while walking around, Savannah mentioned how spontaneous and fun they were as a couple and so I mentioned some steamy in-the-water pictures at the end of their session! She was so excited to do it but it took a little convincing for Nelson! But clearly driving home wet was worth it! Those are the most amazing images I’ve ever taken! And they love them too! 

During our session I also learned they met on Tinder- a dating app! What an amazing story that turned into a happy marriage! these two are so adorable together and are just meant for each other!